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An Nuacht Agus Aimsir Part 1
This magnetic Irish Programme is designed for sentence building about the days of the week and weather

An Nuacht Agus Aimsir Part 2
The Irish Programme part 2 consists of the months, seasons etc and is used in conjunction with part 1.

Sceal Sheain
These are the 11 irregular verbs, some of the most used in the Irish Language. The three tenses are laid out in colours and the short story of Sceal Sheain for sentence structuring.

Sceal Eimear
Sceal Eimear is the negative Irish of Sceal Sheain and produced in same colour code.


Magnetic Fractions, Decimals & Percentages
The Fraction , Decimal & Percentage Programme are size and colour co-ordinated. They are interchangeable to show the relationship between each set. Each strip measures 40cm x 5cm

Mini Magnetic A3 Fraction Board
This lightweight fraction board is ideal for small group work
Each strip Measures 20cm x 4cm

Magnetic 100 Square
The Magnetic 100 square us made up of ten individual strips of ten. It comes with 25 blank counters in 4 different colours and be used to investigate how even and odd numbers are situated in the square. How multiples of different numbers are arranged and where square and triangular numbers are found.. Size 60cm

Mini Magnetic A3 100 Square
This Lightweight 100 Square Board is ideal for small group work.

Its comes with 25 Magnets in Different Colours

Magnetic Tangrams
The Magnetic Tangram set consists of 7 Geometric pieces. The pieces called ‘Tans’, are used to create different patterns including Animals, people, numbers, geometric shapes and many more. Size 40cm x 40cm Comes complete with activity book.

Magnetic Story of Numbers
The Magnetic story of numbers is made up with strips of numbers which add up to 10. They can be used to teach the concept of addition and subtraction. Each strip measures 40cm x 5cm.

Magnetic 2D Shapes
The Magnetic set consists of 32 pieces of 4 different shapes ; rectangles, squares, triangles and circles in 4 different colours. Each shape has 4 large and 4 small for recognition of shapes and colours.

Magnetic Numerals & Symbols
The set consists of 4 sets of numbers from 0 – 9 and 2 sets of each symbol.

Number Lines x 4
Minus Number Lines -10 to +10